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Marchand & Meffre: More Ruins of Detroit

It’s been a full year since we’ve first pointed you to Yves Marchand’s and Romain Meffre’s fantastic photographs from the ruins of Detroit. About two weeks ago the british Guardian ran a great story about their work and their book “The Ruins of Detroit” (amazon affiliate link), including an image gallery with a number of photos that haven’t been seen online before. You should check them out!

Today the german Spiegel Online also has a lengthy article on Detroit’s major architect Alber Kahn with even more photos by Marchand and Meffre.

These are absolutely worth reading and especially seeing! Beautiful photographs that hint at numerous and unfortunately sad stories from the urban America of the 20th century.

Post Depression-Era America in Color

Wow! The Denver Post put together an amazing set of color photographs taken between 1939 and 1943 in post-depression era America. Some of the only color pictures that take a close look at the effect of the Great Depression on rural America. Color photos from times long ago are a treat anyway, but these ones are even more special. They’ve been taken from the archives of the Library of Congress, in particular from the color set of the 1930s to 1940s. Head on over to flickr to browse through them for yourself, but be warned, it’s a whopping 1,615 photos in this set alone.

New Pictures From Research

We’ve just added new pictures from rainy Michigan and Ohio to the AMERICAN BACKROOM Flickr photostream. All pictures were shot during our research trip last fall. Go check ‘em out. And don’t forget to leave a comment ;)

Oregon’s Landscape

English version coming soon

New Photos from our America trip on Flickr

The Berlin Film Festival “Berlinale” draws to a close and the hustle and bustle of the European Film Market is already gone… and we found time again to upload a bit of new content from our research trip last fall: Head on over to the American Backroom Flickr-Stream to catch a couple new pictures from South Dakota, Wisconsin and Michigan. There are more to come soon – we are far from finished exploiting all the photos we took during our trip.

Holdts Alptraum

Have a look at the pictures shown on SPIEGEL.Online. These are excerpts of Jacob Holdts Fotostory about poor people and their living conditions in contrast to the “average people” back in the 70s. Article is in german only, but most of the pictures speak for themselves.

’Nuff Said


In the ruins of Detroit

Post-apocalyptic movies like “I am Legend” use special effects worth millions of dollars to create worlds that have long become part of reality in Detroit. In the ruins of Motown Yves Marchand und Romain Meffre, photographers from Paris, France, have found monuments they compare to the pyramids of Gizeh, the Colliseum in Rome or the Akropolis in Athens. The result of their photography is creepy and beautiful at the same time and provides us with another set of insights into an America that can rarely or never be seen.

Ruins are the visible symbols and landmarks of our societies
and their changes, small pieces of history in suspension.
The state of ruin is essentially a temporary situation that happens at
some point, the volatile result of change of era and the fall of empires.


The Green Chile Revelation

We’re lost. Somewhere between Santa Fe and… well, practically nothing (apart from the border of Utah maybe). We took one wrong turn and rolled on and on for about an hour and a half before we even knew we were no longer on our route. There’s shrubbery everywhere. As far as the eye can see. At least as far as the snow-covered mountains we can make out on the horizon. Shrubbery anyway. There’s no better way to express it. For half an eternity we feel we’re driving along shrubbery. There’s not much forest in the Carson National Forest, as far as we can tell.

We end up in El Rito. Long before we see the first buildings we can see the single white letter “E” painted on a mountain side in the distance. At first glance El Rito has not much to offer than a long winding main street with traditional adobe buildings lined up to the right and left. We make a stop at El Llano Bar. There are two vintage gas pumps in front of it that are – let’s say – in an advanced state of decay. The sign above the door is a little too big and the rivets that keep it in place are amazingly irregularly placed on the wall. It is crooked. At first glance one might take the rivets for bullet holes. They are not. Just rivets.

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Roping Night in Oklahoma

English version coming soon…

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