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Marchand & Meffre: More Ruins of Detroit

It’s been a full year since we’ve first pointed you to Yves Marchand’s and Romain Meffre’s fantastic photographs from the ruins of Detroit. About two weeks ago the british Guardian ran a great story about their work and their book “The Ruins of Detroit” (amazon affiliate link), including an image gallery with a number of photos that haven’t been seen online before. You should check them out!

Today the german Spiegel Online also has a lengthy article on Detroit’s major architect Alber Kahn with even more photos by Marchand and Meffre.

These are absolutely worth reading and especially seeing! Beautiful photographs that hint at numerous and unfortunately sad stories from the urban America of the 20th century.

Trailer for Wim Wenders’ 3D film “Pina”

After Werner Herzog’s 3D documentary another legendary German filmmaker brings you a highly artistic 3D film for art house cinemas: Wim Wenders’ PINA.

This is going to be unlike anything 3D that came out of Hollywood so far. It’s dance film and documentary and all in all a beautiful homage to the late Pina Bausch, the famous choreographer of the Tanztheater Wuppertal. Check out the trailer below! Unfortunately in 2D only, so you have to imagine what it looks like in the depth of a 3D screen… I’ve been lucky enough to see bits of it in 3D already and I can assure you, this promises to be an amazing piece of film art that beautifully and expertly explores the pairing of stereoscopic filmmaking with movement in space as created by the dancers through Bausch’s extraordinary choreography. And with another art house 3D film coming to theaters it’s also paving the way for more highly artistic 3D content including our 3D doc “American Backroom”. So tell your friends and be in line when the film hits 3D screens in early 2011.


Abandoned Six Flags New Orleans Tour

As every one visiting this blog once in a while may have noticed, abandoned and decayed places are undeniably a subject of interest both for our writing here as well as our proposed 3D documentary film. I’m always so fascinated by the eerie atmosphere and the haunting memories these images provoke. Just like filmmaker Teddy Smith, obviously. He took a tour of Six Flags New Orleans which has been destroyed by Hurricane Katrina in 2005 and has never been reopened. Check out his beautifully shot video below. The park is scheduled to be demolished in early 2011.


California/Arizona Time Lapse

More American-Southwest-Time-Lapse-Porn, this time by Dan Eckert who created some amazing shots along Highway 395 in the California desert. And some in Arizona.

(Click to watch on vimeo)

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Tom Lowe’s Timelapse Photography

(Watch directly on vimeo)

Tom Lowe creates timelapse photography. Of rocks. Canyons. Clouds. And Light. And what he creates looks so utterly fantastic that you have to watch it with your own eyes. In his blog he writes up on the strains of shooting and all the technical challenges he has to deal with during production. And I am so not surprised that along the way Tom expresses his sincerest admiration for filmmaker Ron Fricke. I can only and truly underscore his words.

An now, let’s close our eyes for a moment and imagine shots like this on a big screen in a darkened theater. In 3D. Especially in 3D. And we will get a slight idea of the direction where THE AMERICAN BACKROOM (at least in parts) is going to take us… Mark my words ;)

(Watch directly on vimeo)

Walking across the USA – in time-lapse

(Guy Walks Across America on vimeo)

Crazy! There’s this guy who does a Forrest Gump and crosses the USA by foot! Well, not really. But it’s still a nicely done stop-motion shortfilm from… ehrm, it seems like it comes from a major jeans brand. Never mind. It makes us get itchy feet, and that’s still a true feeling. So, in case you wanna follow in the guy’s footsteps, wearing jeans or not, click here for a Goole Map of his journey.

Modern Outlaws of the wild west

Photographer Nadav Neuhaus went to the New Mexican desert to document a community of several hundred people that – in a way – revive the old times of the wild wild west. “Life off the Grid” is the title of his short video about self-supporters without water, without electricty. And without law. Unfortunately it’s only 3 minutes long. But if you wanna know more about life on the Mesa you can still check out the award-winning documentary “Off the Grid” by Jeremy and Randy Stulberg.

(Vimeo Link)

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Watch this: L.A. without the cars

What if tomorrow everyone’s car just disappeard? That was the question that Ross Ching asked himself. As an answer he came up with the following video in which he got rid of all the cars in L.A.. It’s the city of 12-lane-superhighways without the cars. Without the trucks. Without any motorized vehicle… Take a look.

(Click here to watch directly on vimeo and in HD!)

Documentary Short: Up There

New York based filmmaker Malcolm Murray takes a close look at the fading tradition of handpainted advertising. A short documentary that is so beautifully shot and heartwarmingly told that you can hardly hold back tears. A little slice of life that we are rarely aware of. Take a look.


BBC Documentary “Requiem For Detroit”

Photo CC: Shane Gorski

You are about to witness the exciting story of a city and its people. It will be an adventure that will open new sights in familiar surroundings. That city is Detroit. Home of nearly two million people.

Proud words that open the documentary “Requiem For Detroit” by Julian Temple, commissioned by the BBC. Words that stem from an old promotional film, spoken by one of Detroit’s former mayors. What Julian Temple does with these words and the corresponding image is so simple, yet powerful that I got goosebumps running down my spine. He took that old promotional film and projected it onto decaying ruins of Detroit’s inner city and had the voice of the former mayor echo through empty windows and abandoned hallways. A technique he utilizes more than once during the 75 minutes of this fantastic documentary. Temple talks to artists, poets, urban explorers and many others that lead him through decaying urban landscapes, telling about the rise and fall of what was once one of the most influential cities of the Industrial Age. Julian Temple says:

Detroit was the frontier city in the US, powering the American dream. What I find fascinating is the fact that it is still ahead of the game, becoming the first big US city to virtually fall off the map.

A Must-Watch! Right now right here. Hurry now, before YouTube takes it down.

Part 1:

Hit the jump for the rest of documentary:
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